Attracted By Light (Collection 7)
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TitelAttracted By Light (Collection 7)
Track 1: Originally the 4-channel composition was constructed from sounds of crustaceans, mollusks and soniferous fish (rec. underwater in Tasmania, Australia 2011), army ants attacking recording device and walking inside machine, termites and ants recorded with contact-microphone from inside tree-nests, inside nest of stingless bees (rec. Xixuau Xiparina and Mamori, Amazon, Brazil 2008-2009; inside ant-nest rec. with Francisco Lopez and inside bee-nest by Chris Fleeger and Kwi), inside of bee-hive (rec. with Vlastislav Matousek, 1994 in Novy Bydzov, Czechie), wind in chimney, fire and ice (rec. 2003-2008, Ivy Cottage, Ireland) and New Year 2008 fireworks (UK). Dedicated to Vlastislav Matousek and his beloved shakuhachi. Track 2: Based on underwater recordings from Mamori and Yuma 2007-2011: subaquatic insect (recorded in ultrasonic range, some detected only in ultrasonic spectrum), fresh-water crustaceans (probably Decapods, crackly sounds) and electric field of Gymnotiform fish (the tonal-like sounds reminiscent of electronic sine and square waves), includes also sounds of water-pump, propellers, boat-engines and dolphins "tucuxi" (Sotalia fluviatilis). Track 3: Based on ultrasonic echolocation and social calls of various micro-bats and insects recorded in Mamori, 2007-2011. All sounds in Track 2+3 (and partially in Track 1) were recorded during Mamori Sound Project of Mamori ArtLab in Amazon, Brazil by Slavek Kwi. Special thanks to Francisco Lopez and Asier Gogortza for kind support. (label info)
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