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Mörder Machine (Italy)
obscure, minimal obsessed death industrial from Atrax Morgue's mastermind Marco Corbelli. A deep psycho-pathological sonic lesson into human disorientation.
Pounding analogue sounds with brilliant live vocals from Italy's "Death is the only art I know" madman. Tracks: "Living Dead" (of the sold-out debut tape "Happy Birthdeath"), "I'm So" from the Death Show CD ( Slaughter Productions ).
Cazzodio (Italy)
music for street violence. Harsh, distorted rhythms, brutal noise: this is true power electronics for a world where chaos is the only valid parameter. In Düsseldorf Cazzodio featured extremely powerful vocals on each track (giving us two tracks on the NT cd which are even better than their "Ill tempo della locusta" debut cd on Malignant / Black Plague ). Tracks: "Waste" (previously unreleased), "Attaco al cuore dello stato" (exclusively performed for the festival).
Irikarah (Germany)
Being known for superbly slamming industrial rhythms (Track: "Mistress of Agarthi"), Irikarah features some brilliant (and scarce !) live vocals on the track "Fight Fast" including evil looped noise and "obscure" samples presenting a new gem to the rhythm 'n noise world. This is no stuff for the weak - but a must for followers of "real" german industrial.
Exclusive material for the festival, going beyond his about sold-out "Tormentum" (Membrum Debile Propaganda) and "Kampfsequenzen" (Steinklang) releases.
Rectal Surgery (Germany)
Mixing fierce electronic noises with feedback and static to an apocalyptic cocktail, they give your legs a kick with really fucked up beats at the same time. Their tracks "Gefahr" and "Diecimilla meloni" give versatile, dynamic material for the industrial waste junkies out there.

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