Recognition Journal
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TitelRecognition Journal
LabelLumberton Trading Co.
Six pieces by Welsh producer, writer, and sonic overlord Sion Orgon, three of which also include his oft-found collaborators Thighpaulsandra and Gaz Williams (Underworld), among a selection of other guests and co-conspirators. Like the two albums before it, including his last one, The Zsigmondy Experience (2008), Recognition Journal is crafted from all manner of sounds and instrumentation, mostly arriving from a more abstract or avant-garde extraction. Not always easy to listen to, Orgon's music stands out for its ability to surprise. A "proper" or even acutely accessible song can leap from labyrinthine textures, assume almost prog-like proportions, and then dissolve into something far-removed from the starting point. And with his amazing production work -- the result of years of experience garnered from work with many a Welsh group from many different circles -- Orgon takes the whole notion of working the studio as an instrument to a level way beyond most of his contemporaries. Sion Orgon: piano, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, accordion, percussion, bronze percussion, drums, vocals, field recordings, Waldorf Microwave, DX7, DX11, Roland V-Synth, Roland RS-202, Moog Voyager, Theremin, AudioMulch, Berna; Thighpaulsandra: ARP 2600, Plan B modular, Prophet 5, Chromaphone, Zebra U-He, EMS AKS Synthi, Mach 5, Soundhack, Fenix, RMI organ, reed organ, piano organ, piano, vocals; Gaz Williams: bass guitar, Waldorf Streichfett; Lara Ward: violin, piano frame; Chey Davies: mandolin, percussion; Valiant Thor: trumpet, electric guitar; Etien Hunter Davies: percussion; Jonas Gruska: text; Rob Greensmith: text; Eddie Ladd: text. Cover photography by Lenny Hawkins. Sleeve design by Mat Wigley. Mastered at Digitalflesh Mastering. Digipak CD limited to 300 copies. (label info)
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