The Anthropogenic Process
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TitelThe Anthropogenic Process
LabelCrucial Blast Records
Through a fusion of brutal power electronics, harsh noise influences and the blackest, filthiest strains of death industrial, Project: Void offers a litany of human failure and squalor with The Anthropogenic Process, a full length album released through our cassette/digital imprint Infernal Machines. There's nothing subtle about Project: Void's worldview - this is utter contempt for other human beings, a deep seated misanthropic outlook steeped in disgust that borders on the physical. That attitude by itself is enough to endear this project to the hard hearts here at Crucial Blast, but the excoriating humanhate is delivered via an incredibly nasty noise assault that kicks some serious ass. The album features ten tracks of bestial electronics that incorporates elements of extreme junk-noise and blackened industrial into an extremely heavy power electronics attack; I can hear traces of that classic Slaughter Productions sound seething under all of the feedback scrape and monstrous cackling, but The Anthropogenic Process has other ingredients that also set this apart. On a couple of tracks, heavy pounding drums appear, providing a thunderous backing rhythm to the flesh-rending electronic chaos, and elsewhere on the album, the sound of maniacal carnival organs appear, writhing over brutal blasting feedback. Controlled bursts of immolating harsh noise are cut with minimal black synth throb, and crushing and massively distorted bass riffs materialize alongside primitive keyboard soundtrack pieces that give birth to crushing bass frequencies and ultra-distorted percussive noise. It's Project: Void's vocals that really make this monstrous, though; the violent electronics are fronted by a mix of processed gurgling throat-slime and a scathing, almost black metal-style vocal style that adds a definite black industrial vibe. This full-length cassette from Project:Void presents one of the first official collections of their bestial black electronics; it's limited to 100 copies, and also includes a unique download code to obtain a digital copy of the album. If you're one of the few hardcore enthusiasts of the heavier strains of modern power electronics and black industrial found in the works of such hell-bent outfits as Demonologists, Iron Fist Of The Sun, The Vomit Arsonist, Fecalove, Deathkey, Black Post Society-era Prurient, and Deadwood, is a recommended addition to your "to-get" list. (label info)
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