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Cat.-No.St.An.Da. ‎– 2026

PSYCHIC DRONES is a brand new project by Joel Gilardini and Kazuyuki Kishino (aka KK NULL).
Born out of the admiration for each other works, during spring 2020 we decided to join forces together and started working on this new project.
The composition process was quite straight forward: Joel would record sound sketches, which then wold be torn apart and decomposed by Kazuyuki.
It was a creativity flood, exchanging mails and sound files over the ether, from Switzerland to Japan and viceversa. In less than two months we created a huge array of material, which after a sorting process became our first output as PSYCHIC DRONES.

PSYCHIC DRONES can be introverted and reflective, or a full-blast explosion. It's a full dimensional sonic journey inside the human psyche and its deepest shades.

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