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a/O is very pleased to present this highly anticipated first collaboration releasebetween two American "sound composters", Seth Nehil and Matt Marble. Adynamic whirlwind tour through states of ellipsis and eclipses, abrupt ruptures,reuniting and igniting. Where nothing is static for too long. Through aninvigorating admixture of instruments, field recordings and various found matter, acompelling and mysterious world comes alive to spark the imagination.Seth Nehil is a multimedia artist living in Portland, Oregon. He has composedsound for CD, multi-speaker installation, solo and large group concerts, dance,theater and performance. Apart from and/OAR, Seth has release work oninternational labels such as Alluvial Recordings, Kaon, Intransitive, Cut, EditionEllipsis, 20 City, Erewhon among others, and has collaborated with composerssuch as John Grzinich, Olivia Block, Matt Marble, Brendan Murray and MIchaelNortham. He has performed throughout the US, Europe and Japan. Seth is alsoco-editor and designer of FO A RM projects, a collaboration of arts and researchwith a focus on sound art. He teaches Time Arts and Art Theory at the PacificNorthwest College of Art.Matt Marble is a composer / performer and writer / researcher. Matt has composedworks for film, theatre, dance, CD, stereo diffusion, multimedia performance, andinstrumental ensembles. Currently and for the past 5 years he has been focusingon a practice of scored improvisation, which emphasizes collectiveself-organization, social and sonic geometry, and rhythmic elasticity. Exploringsocial e-motions without a predetermined or singular cultural ideology oraesthetic. Composing for nervous systems as much as sound. Matt studied musiccomposition at CalArts (with Michael Pisaro), music theory at Portland StateUniversity and the University of Paris VIII, St. Denis-Vincennes (with EugeniaDuta), and is currently in the midst of a graduate program in Music Composition atPrinceton University. Matt received his B.A. in Speech & Hearing Science fromPortland State University.(label info)
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