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The idea of the split comes from the recording sessions in the summer of 2012 that Alberto rea- lized with the chorus of classical and contemporary music Antonio LaMotta conducted by David Mainetti. 
Alberto sends Lawrence all the material leaving him complete freedom in manipulation. 
In A side Alberto develops a path in three movements, where each part is independent but at the same time connected to the others; the sequence evolves as inevitable. If in the central segment chorus evocation moves in contrast with the distortions inside a long crescendo, in the other parts the density of acoustic instruments (french horn, double bass, cello, autoharp, vocals, soprano sa- xophone) and electronics (analog synth, effects pedals, guitar) combine and intertwine together leading the sound to a stream of waiting, obsession and evocation. 
In side B Lawrence: “This is what I’d like to think of as Land Music. Perhaps sharing something with the perspective scale of Land Art, in which a massing of micro elements create a marco fea- ture, these small sounds when transformed etch out contours and long envelopes of shape across the air. The pieces breathe with a kind of uneasy familiarity. Sounds of the human world and the natural world co-exist at equal states of transformation - hinting at their former selves, but rarely revealing more than a glimpse into their original, unaltered state. This is weathered audio, refor- med through rapid evolution.”

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