Schwingende Luftsäulen 3
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TitelSchwingende Luftsäulen 3

Here the third and final chapter of “Schwingende Luftsäulen” the series dedicated by Werner Durand to the Pan-Ney, the wind instrument of his own invention. In confront with the first two volumes this one represent a sort of flashback. In fact the five pieces on the CD present “early” works, mainly created in the first half of the 90s.
“Still Another Ocean” was composed in June /July1991 in Ile de la Réunion, in the wonderful house of Frédéric Borne. “M-Ocean” was composed in the summer of 1994 in the summer house of Marika Falk in Bavaria.
“Pearldivers” was also created in the same time and place, together with Marika Falk on talking drum. This is a re-mixed, unedited version of the piece, originally released on the CD “Drumming Breath”
“The Krems Five” is based on the piece “Dream Hunters” from 1990, and was created during a residency in Krems, Austria in September/October 2011. A “Another Still Ocean” is an extension of “Still Another Ocean”. Created in the mid-nineties, it is the only one of my Pan-Ney pieces in which I use a pre-recorded loop, which is also sent through delays of 7 1/2 beats. From the liner notes by Matthias Osterwold: "The outstanding feature of (Werner Durand's) music is its paradoxical ambivalence: it is immediately accessible and yet not easily comprehensible. Its position between improvisation and composition, between intuition and construction, between
stasis and movement literally hovers in the air. Its peculiar charm is obtained from a delicate balance between the archaic and the modern, between ritual trance and industrial or ambient music, between acoustic performance and digital-electronic processing in real time."
ANTS already released the first two volumes of “Schwingende Luftsäulen”.

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