Animistic [For Donatella]
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TitelAnimistic [For Donatella]
CD in DVD case with 7 colour cards with extensive liner notes. Reprocessed field recordings and sound manipulations. (2) In 1999 I was attending a performance by a fellow artist which called for the audience to be stretched out on a mountain meadow to watch the stars, accompanied by his music. After a while I had the strong feeling that I was not lying on the ground but that I was rather hanging from the underside of the earth gazing down onto the stars. Not that I was afraid of falling down or taking off into space, but the sensation was very unexpected and therefore truly fascinating. My body started to disappear or better melt with the globe to which I was still attached, not physically but rather like a bodyless observer. In DECAYING STUDY 3 the swelling of the sound's volume and intensity doubles the swelling of the body's dimensions. Of course this is only a model for any real sensation, since the intensity of the actual situation cannot be artificially generated. Text by Marc Behrens, from the release booklet.
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