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Release date: 30.11.2019

full-colour sleeve designed by KK. Limited to 300 copies on transparent green vinyl, special art edition with original artwork by Konrad Kraft, ltd. 10 copies

On “Oval”:
'Oval' marks Konrad Kraft's third release on the German label 'aufabwegen/Cologne', and is his second release in his current series. Clear textures, wobbling rhythm structures and unexpected melodic particles develop into unusual soundscapes. Blurred and foggy layers give way to clear musical accents.During the recording of the album, KK used mangled and destroyed field recordings, only two software synths and a modular synthesizer. Making use of his favorite modules, he merged the two worlds of sound design, digital and analogue. The result makes interesting listening.
A limited edition of 10 albums containing line drawings by Detlef Funder in the format of a square LP is also available (Oval 1 – 10).

Biography - Konrad Kraft (aka Detlef Funder)
Konrad Kraft appears live at international festivals
2019, release on 12“ Vinyl, Konrad Kraft 'Oval' on label 'aufabwegen', Cologne
2018, re-release on CD & Vinyl, Konrad Kraft 'Arctica' on label TAL, Düsseldorf (first release 1987 on SDV-TONTRÄGER)
2016, release on CD, Elektrofrühstück 'Algorithm' on Paraschall, Düsseldorf
2016 - ongoing, collaboration with drummer / percussionist Kai Angermann, under the name Angermann / Kraft Duo (former Elektrofrühstück)
2016, release on 12“ Vinyl, Konrad Kraft 'Quadrat' on label 'aufabwegen', Cologne
2016, founding studio / label 'Paraschall', Vinyl and CD-mastering
2011, release on CD, Konrad Kraft 'Temporary Audiosculptures And Artifacts' on Cologne label 'aufabwegen'
1999 – 2007, co-founder of 4CN-Studios, Bochum for audio production and mastering
1992 – 2006, numerous techno / trance releases, international live-acts and bookings as DJ
1992 – 1999, voice over productions for German television (arte, ZDF, ARD etc.)
1989, training as video-editor / post-production - producer sound
1985 – 1994, co-founder of label SDV-TONTRÄGER, Düsseldorf
(16-track studio, recording, production and release of national and internal bands such as Mynox Layh, TUU, Paul Schütze, Konrad Kraft & Dino Oon, etc)
1980, first tape productions, experimental / industrial

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