Nifbin Circle (art edition)
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TitelNifbin Circle (art edition)

Art edition of 10 copies on transparent violet vinyl. Each copy includes a unique signed and numbered original drawing by Konrad Kraft.

On “Nifbin Circle”:
Nifbin Circle is the fourth release by Detlef Funder, aka Konrad Kraft, on the Cologne label Aufabwegen. Sounds generated with two apps on the iPad,provided the basic structures and the sound space. The strangely enraptured textures created in this way, with a subtle percussive touch, were partly combined with supporting beats in the course of further processing. Thus, after more than 30 years, tracks with rudimentary melodies and rhythms were created again.

Biography - Konrad Kraft (aka Detlef Funder)
1980, First tape productions in the field of Experimental/Industrial under the moniker Konrad Kraft.
1983, Assemblage of own first studio to realize tape recordings
1985 – 1994, Founding and managing Düsseldorf record store and label SDV-Tonträger.
Expanding the studio to 16 track facility; recording, production and release of various internationally renowned projects like Konrad Kraft & Dino Oon, Mynox Layh, TUU, Paul Schütze etc.
1992 – 1999, Various Voice-over productionen for german TV (arte, ZDF, ARD etc.)
1992 – 2006, Numerous productions iin the area of Techno/Trance for different labels, internationally booked DJ and live act
1999 – 2007, Founding and managing of 4CN-Studios Bochum for audio productionsa and mastering
2011, Konrad Kraft CD Temorary Audiosculptures And Artifacts released on Cologne based label aufabwegen
2016, Founding of „Paraschall“ label and studio for mastering and sound design.
Quadrat 12“ Vinyl released on aufabwegen
2016, Collaboration with Kai Angermann and formation of the duo Angermann/Kraft (prior Elektrofrühstück) and publication of CD Algorithm on Paraschall/Düsseldorf
2018, Reissue of Konrad Kraft Arctica tape on CD and LP via TAL, Düsseldorf
2019, OVAL 12“ Vinyl released on aufabwegen
2021, OBTAAL 2X12“ Vinyl Para002, Paraschall Records. Lim ed. of 250 copies with handmade cover.
2023, Nifbin Circle 12“ Vinyl, aatp09 is published by aufabwegen
2023, Stumm, Detlef Funder und Bernd Sevens, TAL Music (forthcoming)
2011- ongoing, selected live appearance at international festivals and venues, such as A/B Brüssels - Bel., Meakusma Festival - Bel., Image Movement – Berlin, Stadtgarten Cologne, Salon Des Amateurs – Düsseldorf, Weltkunstzimmer – Düsseldorf, BlackBox - Münster and more.

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